Why Documenting a Generational Family Portrait is Important

Published: May 12, 2022
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There are many reasons to consider creating a generational family portrait, or even a series of portraits if you want to capture your family as they grow up over time. But the most obvious reason is to preserve an important moment in time that can be shared and enjoyed by future generations of your family long after you’re gone. The most common portraits are those of the parents and their children, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You could also have siblings with their children or grandparents with their grandchildren, among other combinations.

Having a multigenerational family portrait isn’t just for genealogists

Multigenerational portraits are an art form that has been around for centuries. In today’s society, families are constantly changing and evolving, but they need to be documented in order to be preserved. It is important to capture these moments through a family portrait before they slip away.
It is a way to honor the elders while highlighting the path ahead for the next generation. Families are constantly evolving, welcoming new members and saying goodbye to others.
A multigenerational family portrait, such as those commissioned by the photographer Lake Rock Studio, will help you commemorate your family history.

Reasons To Start Now and Do it

Living generations of your family have already passed through their lives and are more distant with each passing year. In fact, many families look back and can remember little about how their loved ones looked. Did Grandma’s eyes sparkle or were they dim from age? Did she wear that handmade dress from high school or was it always her favorite outfit? Did Uncle Robert really favor his Dad or did he take after another ancestor whose name no one can remember?
Most families have a family photographer, but many members of the family don’t appreciate the person behind the lens. When the children grow up, they’re grateful for the photos of their childhood and their parents. The question is how many photos do you have of that person?
Hiring a professional photographer ensures that everyone is included in your multigenerational family portrait


Some families have a designated family photographer—the person who always seems to be taking pictures of everyone else. This person is not generally appreciated during the shoot, but when the family looks at the photos years later, they’re grateful that these photos exist. My question to you: how many photos of this photographer do you have? A professional photographer will help you preserve your family history.
Although there are many things to consider such as budget and location, it’s also imperative that you find someone who will take interest in your family. An artistic photographer will see more than just you; they’ll see your future generations: one who looks like grandma or dad and another who looks like you.
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What is the attire to wear

We recommend you select a level of formality that best suits your family. Some will choose to wear full ‘black tie’ gowns and tuxes, while others will be more comfortable in business-casual attire, or even something more relaxed.
Think about where your family wants to take their portrait. Do they want to wear semi-formal attire or something more casual? Keep in mind that, since you’ll be documenting everyone in your family, they might not all choose to wear formal clothing. While having people dressed formally may look nice, it can cause some problems if you have someone in a t-shirt and shorts or a sundress trying to stand next to someone wearing a suit and tie. Just make sure you discuss what attire will be worn before taking your photos so there aren’t any surprises later on.

Location Why Studio is preferred over Outdoor

Not only does photographing at home require an entirely new and different set of logistics, but it’s also virtually impossible to control all variables during family photo sessions. Even in perfect conditions, outdoor portraits usually produce lackluster results. In fact, an amateur photographer who’s not used to dealing with unpredictable environments will likely waste more time than they’ll get good shots. And while many photographers will be able to capture consistently impressive shots outdoors, It still requires a high level of skill and variables like weather that we can not control.
Professional studios provide you with consistent light—making it easier for your photographer to get great shots every time—and they allow you to plan everything in advance. You can even

What wall art to print for generations ?

Looking for an heirloom family portrait that’s more than just a picture on a wall? The next generation will love being able to look back at their family history. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, today’s photographs look better than ever. So it’s time to celebrate your heritage with art that you can pass down from generation to generation. Not only are they works of art, but they’re also part of your family history. Best of all, you can choose from multiple mediums and sizes so you can fit any budget and style preference. Artwork that remains relevant through each new generation: beautiful framed photographs, large canvas prints or metallic photobooks—these pieces capture memory and last for generations!

Posing the family members in the studio

A generational family portrait is not just about looking cool, it’s about providing future generations with a glimpse into our family’s past. And there’s nothing cooler than one of these. A professional photographer should know how to pose you in ways that avoid unflattering pictures, show off who you are as individual, and also keep everyone together in a cohesive group shot. The photos should be true representations of who you are at that moment in time; have some fun with it! After all, why wouldn’t we want to celebrate who we are as individuals? These portraits can become heirlooms and pass down through generations, so make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing!

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