A photoshoot experience you can look forward to

Transformation Portrait Experience 

As well as transforming the way you see yourself, our portrait experience empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate that authenticity.

The Process


 We promise you will love Our services. We specialize in high-end photo shoots, inspired by the of top fashion photography. Our work is contemporary and glamorous, and We take great pride in creating a memorable experience for Our clients by encouraging, directing, posing and photographing them like models on the covers of glossy magazines! This is one day for you to feel like a cover girl or cover guy!

The first step in creating your wonderful memories is a complimentary consultation. 

feel free to consult us about

  • Wardrobe & Styling

  • Hair & Makeup

  • The Photoshoot

  • The Image Reveal and Purchasing Session

This is a portrait of Brooke Dancer in Little Rock, Arkansas With a top-rated portrait photography studio and a luxury experience, Lake Studio Portrait Studio provides everyday people with a celebrity look and feel. Schedule your appointment today.

The experience

A Gift to Give Yourself That You will cherish forever

As an experienced-oriented studio, we want to make sure the customer experience is always “Best in Class” so we never over-schedule or rush your session. You and your family receive the time and attention necessary to capture images that will become memories you will cherish for years to come.



You can go ahead and schedule a consultation. The consultation will be a phone call or video call at the time you choose. It will consist of understanding more of the portraiture you want and how we can help to create it.



As artists, our studio strives to capture the spontaneous elegance of life. We believe that each of us has an inner beauty, and our goal as a portrait studio is to help you express that beauty in your photos.


The Planning

 Before each photoshoot, we plan carefully. We want to provide the finest photographs. In addition, Pinterest helps us by creating mood boards that we can share with each other. Feel free to share some inspiration that you have so that we can get ideas.


The Day of Session

As part of our session, we will create a relaxing environment with a playlist of music that YOU LOVE ( we will make sure we get this from you beforehand). Even though we put a time limit on your appointment depending on the package you choose, we will make sure you leave the studio satisfied.


The Reveal

 After your session, you’ll return for a viewing of your finished images. You’ll place the order for all the images you love, and we produce beautiful prints, albums and digital files for you to enjoy in many different ways.


The 5 Stars Experience

As a Portrait studio, it is very important to us to create a portrait experience that you will enjoy and remember. From the very first phone call we make to the moment your portraits arrive, we want your experience to be stress-free and for you to know exactly what to expect throughout our time together.

40 over 40 Portraits. A celebration of the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over the age of 40 In Central Arkansas ! Photographs of women 40 and beyond photographer at Lake Rock Studio.

Posing and Directing

 The eyes of our clients sparkle with happiness when they view the photos they had never thought they could pull off, because we guide them into poses they wouldn’t have imagined they could do. If this is something you haven’t done before, choosing someone who is experienced in posing is very, very, very important.

Photographers who know how to shoot from the right angle can make your pictures look amazing. Whenever you shoot with us, you can trust that we will direct you throughout the process. As we guide you through the perfect tease, we’ll remind you to bend, squeeze, and look in the right place. 

Your Personal Stylist

If you find us and like what we do, you can tell that our eyes are different than everyone else’s. As photographers, we approach every shoot as a blank canvas and strive to make every shoot different and original. Art is our ultimate goal, so we will take the styles, patterns, colors, and textures you know and combine them in a way that is unique. This will result in artwork you will never see elsewhere.

Each garment is carefully examined to determine what will work best together. We want to involve you in this collaborative effort. We absolutely love to co-create something completely original and different with our clients!

A Magazine Cover of Alise posing for a portraiture session. Photo by best portrait photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas and Central Arkansas area.
This is a portrait of Lauren in Little Rock, Arkansas With a top-rated portrait photography studio and a luxury experience, Lake Studio Portrait Studio provides everyday people with a celebrity look and feel. Best photographer in little rock for you.

Empowering You

We are committed to creating a space where we challenge you to love yourself and accept your body as it is. We want to create a safe, fun, and supportive environment in which you can feel comfortable, even if you do not think that your body looks the way society says it should. There’s always room for growth and change. We aim to help you see beauty in yourself and the world around you. Our goal is to help you push through any fear of discomfort or change, so you can see for yourself how beautiful life can be.