The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Child for a Fine Art Portraiture Session at Lake Rock Studio




Welcome to Lake Rock Studio, where we’re dedicated to capturing the true essence of your child in timeless fine art portraits. In addition to providing expert photography services, we also offer a Pinterest Board for inspiration before the session so we can build together. 

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide covering every aspect of preparing for your child’s portrait session. Read on for detailed advice on wardrobe, preparation, mental preparation, and much more. We’re always here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

Curating an Exceptional Wardrobe:
The perfect outfit can transform a portrait. Here are some detailed tips to help you select the best attire for your child’s session:

Comfort: Choose clothes your child feels at ease in, as comfort translates to confidence in front of the camera.
Colors: Opt for colors that complement your child’s skin tone, hair color, and the intended background. Muted, earthy, or pastel tones often work well.
Patterns and Textures: Stick to simple patterns or solid colors, and play with different textures like lace, denim, or linen for added interest.
Layering: Consider layering clothing items to add depth and versatility to the portraits. This also makes it easy to change the look quickly during the session.
Accessories: Select minimal, tasteful accessories that enhance your child’s outfit without stealing the spotlight.

Hair and Makeup: Enhancing Natural Beauty:
A fine art portrait should showcase your child’s authentic self. Keep these grooming tips in mind:

Hair: Schedule a hair appointment a few days prior to the session for a trim or color touch-up if needed. On the day of the shoot, choose a simple hairstyle that reflects your child’s personality. Curls are always a go to!

Makeup: For young children, we recommend skipping makeup altogether. For older children or teens, apply light, natural makeup to enhance their features without appearing overdone. Consider hiring a professional makeup artist for a polished look.

Preparing Your Child Mentally and Physically:
Help your child feel relaxed and excited about their portrait session with these tips:

Discuss the session: Have an open conversation with your child, explaining the process and addressing any concerns or fears they might have.

Rest: Ensure your child gets adequate sleep in the days leading up to the session to minimize the risk of irritability or fatigue.

Nutrition: Provide a healthy, balanced meal before the session to keep energy levels stable. Avoid sugary treats that could cause energy crashes.

Practice: Familiarize your child with being in front of the camera by taking casual photos at home, helping them become more comfortable with posing and smiling.

Portrait Session Essentials: What to Bring:
Make sure you have everything you need by packing these items for the portrait session:

• Wardrobe options: Bring 2-3 additional outfits in case the chosen wardrobe doesn’t photograph as expected or an accidental spill occurs.
• Props: Consider items that reflect your child’s hobbies or interests, such as a favorite book, stuffed animal, or musical instrument.
• Personal care items: Pack a small bag with items like wet wipes, tissues, a hairbrush, and any makeup touch-up essentials.

• Entertainment: Bring a favorite toy, game, or tablet to keep your child entertained during downtime or wardrobe changes.

Creating a Positive and Enjoyable Experience:
Remember to relax, trust our skilled photographers, and cherish the experience. We’ll ensure your child feels comfortable and confident throughout the session.

• Arrive early: Give yourself and your child plenty of time to settle in and become familiar with the studio space.

• Be patient: Some children may need time to warm up to the camera. We are experienced in working with children and will help them feel at ease.

• Encourage and reassure: Offer words of encouragement and reassurance to your child throughout the session, reinforcing their confidence.

• Take breaks: If your child becomes overwhelmed or tired, don’t hesitate to request a short break to regroup and recharge.

• Enjoy the process: Embrace the unique experience of capturing your child’s personality through fine art portraiture. The memories created will be treasured for years to come.

This ultimate guide to preparing for your child’s fine art portraiture session at Lake Rock Studio will help ensure a successful, enjoyable, and memorable experience for both you and your child.

By following these detailed tips and recommendations, you’ll create an environment in which your child can shine, resulting in stunning, timeless portraits. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and capturing the essence of your child in beautiful fine art portraits.