How to use your Professional Headshots

Published: April 27, 2022
Professional Hedhsots of an Little Rock Business Man

How to use your Professional Headshots

What’s the first thing you see when you Google someone’s name? Chances are, it’s their photo, not their resume or job description. That’s right – even if your company doesn’t depend on advertising to attract customers, your face, name, and LinkedIn profile picture are still important to your overall marketing strategy. Professional headshots can help you make an unforgettable impression on future clients and employers, so you want to make sure they show you at your best. To learn more about how to use your professional headshots in business, check out the original article here!

Where should you put your headshot?

LinkedIn, Business Website, Corporate Website. If you don’t have a business website or corporate website, it’s time to get one. Having a professional headshot is great for networking and even better for branding yourself as an expert in your field. But if you put that headshot on every social media platform you use, it will become less effective because people will start seeing it as spammy. So where should you put that beautiful face? In addition to using it on LinkedIn, try using it on your business website (if you have one) and your corporate website (if you work for a company). If those aren’t options, go ahead and post it wherever else makes sense. Don’t feel like creating a whole new account just for your picture?

When should you put it up?

If you’re looking for full-time or part-time work, it’s probably a good idea to get that professional headshot up as soon as possible. If you have a service of some kind (web design, dog walking, graphic design), make sure potential clients see you in your best light from day one. For everyone else, timing is a little trickier. Again, if you’re searching for work or generally trying to position yourself as an expert in your field, put up at least one professional headshot ASAP (more if you have them). Of course, don’t be afraid to put up different kinds of shots for different contexts—especially when it comes to networking events and other business outings where putting on a more casual face might be appropriate.

What kind of Headshots should it be?

The type of headshot you need depends on a variety of factors. Knowing what kind of clientele you’re looking for, as well as how you want to present yourself, can help you choose the right look. For example, if you want a corporate headshot, it should be clean and simple and reflect professionalism. However, if you’re going after artistic clients—such as an actor or photographer—you may want more artistic flair in your picture. Another factor that will affect what kind of shots work best for you is where you live. If it’s a big city like New York or Los Angeles then studios are typically everywhere; otherwise, they might be harder to find and much more expensive than just shooting at home.

What if you don’t want everyone to see it right away?

I get it—you’re not ready for all of your friends and family to see that professional headshot you just had taken. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can limit who sees it. First, be smart about where you post it. Make sure only people in your close circles are able to see it on places like Facebook or Instagram. If someone from another school or work (and maybe even worse, a person from high school) stumbles upon that photo during their online searches for you, they could potentially make some awkward connections. Don’t take chances; make sure everyone sees what you want them to see when you want them to see it by making an account on LinkedIn before sharing that photograph with friends.

Can I use my Headshots for Dating Profiles ?

A lot of people ask me Can I use my headshot for dating profiles? and my answer is always YES. You’re going to want multiple pictures of yourself, whether it’s just Facebook or not, you’re going to want a picture that shows off your personality. Showing off your personality in a professional photo will help show potential dates that you are serious about dating and finding someone new. The way you dress should match how you look so pick out something nice but don’t overdo it. Your headshot should be done professionally with good lighting and quality equipment. For example, Lake Rock Studio has an array of beautiful backgrounds, props, and outfits to choose from as well as experienced photographers who know how to make any shot work! Your photo should reflect what kind of person you are and if that means using a shot from your social media profile then go ahead! Just remember to take them seriously because first impressions matter!

Can I use my Headshots on my Busines Cards ?

An important question and many people have asked us if they can use their headshots on their business cards. It’s a good idea for clients to carry multiple photos so that when you meet someone, you can hand them a card with a different look. You never know what photo might catch their eye or which one will be best for them to remember you by. So yes, feel free to include your headshot on your business card!

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