How to Plan Organization Headshots

Published: April 25, 2021
Group Headshots In Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re considering having headshots taken for your business, you might be wondering how much
time you should set aside and how the shoot will go. After all, you want to make sure that this
investment in your appearance pays off! To help you prepare for your headshot photoshoot, here are
some tips on how to plan it. First of all, know that photography does not happen instantly–so don’t
expect to walk into the studio and have your pictures taken right away. In fact, before you have your
headshots taken, there are several details you should consider beforehand.

What are you going to wear?

For most business headshots, you’ll want to choose a suit. The exception is if you’re a creative director
or someone who works in an industry where it’s just not appropriate. In general, you should stick with
solid colors and dark fabrics-after all, that goes for business portraits as well. If you have your heart
• set on a patterned shirt, make sure it’s muted (plaid can work, but only if your tie isn’t too busy). Avoid
stripes at all costs; they tend to distort in photos. As far as ties go, keep them simple: solids and small
patterns are bést.

What shots will I need?

Board of Director Headshots When getting headshots for a board of directors, it’s important to show
everyone in their role. Directors should be photographed in their office, with a bookcase or desk behind
them and their corporate logo on display. A company shot (which can also be used as an employee
headshot) featuring all of your board members should be taken in formal wear in front of your building.
It is also good practice to shoot each member individually
The later writing can be true however this is suggestive, Headshots can just be taken with white
background for everyone without a difference.

Where can I go for my headshots?

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is going for a cheap headshot, or even worse,
using their own camera. If you’re looking for great headshots, you want two things: high-quality photos
and an experienced photographer who knows how to put people at ease. But where do you go? And
what should you expect to pay? Here are some tips on getting your organization’s headshots taken by
Professional headshots are going to be more expensive than amateur shots (no surprise there!). That
said, there’s often quite a bit of variation in pricing – if you look around online, you can find
photographers with packages starting as low as $100 and going up into hundreds (or thousands) of
dollars. Wherever your budget lies, there will be someone able to help out!
A few things that might determine the Price here are below.

Will it be in studio or on location at our organization?

If you’re looking for new headshots, don’t worry about whether they’ll be taken in your office or at an
outside location. Instead, focus on making sure you have a great photographer and a location that will
add character to your shots. The key is asking yourself what purpose will these photos serve? Will you
be using them for Linkedin and personal sites? If so, it might make sense to shoot at an indoor location
where there are plenty of nearby options for shooting against different backdrops. Or do you need
something more formal? Maybe one shot with a desk behind you would suffice. Regardless, just
remember: You can get great business portraits regardless of whether they’re taken inside or out.

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