Get the Best out of Studio Sessions [Preparing for a Photoshoot]

Published: March 17, 2022
Lake Rock Studio In Little Rock Arkansas

Preparing for Your Photoshoot

Even if you aren’t the type of person who regularly gets professional photographs taken, chances are that you’ve been in at least one picture with a friend or family member who takes their photography seriously. This means you know firsthand how important it is to get ready before your shoot, because photographers usually need to take multiple photos to get the best shots they can. Here are some tips on preparing for your photoshoot so you look great in every shot.

Find your style
Unless you’re a trained professional, it’s unlikely that you have much experience with lighting and studio setups. Fortunately, there are several resources to get you started. Little Rock studios like Lake Rock Photography Studio are happy to help. Book your session early—it takes time to set up lights and props in preparation for your photoshoot.

The Right Hair & Makeup
When people see photos of celebrities, they often don’t realize that there is a team of experts behind each look. Lighting, hair and makeup are critical components to a beautiful photo shoot. Here are some easy tips that will ensure you have a professional appearance: Have your hair cut, colored and styled by a top hairstylist prior to your photo shoot. Use color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to keep color looking fresh between appointments. This can be purchased at most beauty supply stores or salons.

Studio or Outdoor Setting?
Going into your photoshoot feeling prepared is key! Preparation really means having everything ready that you need, ahead of time. This includes: clothing picked out (if any), hair done (if any), makeup on, and clean-up stuff packed. It’s so much easier to get nice shots if you are already feeling prepared; from there, just relax and let us do our thing! 🙂 If shooting inside is something that interests you – we have a fun ‘backdrop’ studio that can add some great additional color/atmosphere to help showcase your style!

Get Creative with Lighting & Props
Lighting and props can make a big difference in your photo. Before the shoot, ask your photographer if they have any props you can use or anything they could add to the scene—maybe even something unexpected. If you’re in an actual studio, let them know you want to do more than just stand around and smile; instead, try to get creative with lighting and positioning. Tell them not to be afraid of adding a little extra light or drama where it makes sense. For example, maybe he can use diffused light with a flash off-camera (totally optional) or position yourself against an accent wall that’s painted a fun color (or put up some art). By getting creative beforehand and working together on set, your photos will come out great!

Choosing Good Clothing
When choosing clothing, you have to consider the colors that you wear. The best colors are those which are harmonious with each other. For example, blue and yellow together create green, and red and green together make brown. So if your backdrop is a warm color like red or orange, don’t choose clothing that is the same color or similar hues. If your backdrop is a cool color like blue or green, it may be OK to wear some clothes in cool colors as well; just avoid wearing too many warm shades of blue in your outfit if you use a lot of cool blues in the backdrop.

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