Our Story & Mission

Lake Rock Photography Studio is a full-service photography studio that produces high-quality images for all of your photographic needs.

We offer contemporary portraiture sessions for individuals as well as family portraits in a setting that is comfortable and familiar to our clients.

Our goal is to provide you with a professional, stress-free experience and outstanding photographs.

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of artists on the cutting edge of fashion, commercial, and portrait photography.
We are located in the heart of  Little Rock with convenient parking.

Sophisticated, elegant, classic, luxury !

We photograph everyday people in Beautiful Ways!

Experience the true spirit in photography. Lake Rock Photography will breathe life into your portraits and transform your creative ideas into tangible moments of enjoyment.

Thino The Photographer at Lake Rock Studio.

Team Members

Aya siting on an antique couch for a portraiture session. Photo by best portrait photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas and Central Arkansas area.

AYA | Creative Assistant & Studio Manager |

In her role as Creative Assistant, Aya creates the session experience. She strives to make every aspect of the portraiture experience as amazing as possible, from consultation to gallery delivery.

I understand that it is imperative for people to rise above a negative view of themselves. Having a portrait session can extraordinarily help someone to gain confidence and appreciate themselves. Assisting in creating photographs that allow the camera shy to exist, connecting women with their own beauty, and allowing them to feel seen is what fuels me.


Aya Hall


Thino The Photographer at Lake Rock Studio.

Valenthino | Lead Photographer

 As a photographer, it is my goal to photograph you the way you want to be photographed and to give you the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself.

I specialize in modern portraiture and professional headshots for my clients in Arkansas. I also photograph families, college graduates, and anyone else looking for a contemporary portraiture in the state. I want to create portraits that reflect who you are, not just what you look like. I believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful and highly professional photographs that they can cherish for years.


Valentin Sawadogo


Bailey | Make-Up Artist

Providing clients with a transformational experience before their sessions.

As one of the studio’s talented MakeUp Artists, Bailey is devoted to enhancing your natural beauty and ensuring you feel confident for your portrait session. She skillfully crafts camera-ready looks that highlight each client’s unique style and personality. Bailey’s passion for making clients feel radiant inside and out, combined with her expertise, contributes to creating cherished portraits that truly capture the essence of who you are.

She is passionate about making every client feel confident, radiant, and genuinely beautiful, both inside and out.


Prisca | Client Experience Assistant

Cultivating transformative pre-session experiences!

As a Client Experience Assistant, Prisca is the welcoming and attentive point of contact for clients as they begin their journey with the portrait studio. She expertly guides them through the initial consultation process, attentively listening to their needs, desires, and expectations for their portrait session. With a warm and personable approach, Prisca is committed to ensuring clients feel comfortable and well-informed from the very first interaction. Her genuine passion for helping clients discover their unique beauty and creating a memorable, positive experience shines through in every call, setting the stage for a truly remarkable and personalized portrait session.


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