40 Over 40 Portrait Experience

Experience a photo shoot that celebrates and empowers women journeying through their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

A celebration of the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over the age of 40 In Central Arkansas !

The population of people aged 40+, 50+, 60+, and beyond is larger than ever!… Accounting for 35% of the population.

This group is too big not to be noticed, too experienced not to be listened to, and too beautiful not to be celebrated!

let us highlight and celebrate the beauty, strength, and wisdom of You, the woman 40+


It’s time to start a REVOLUTION, LADIES! Join us on this adventure to share the joys of being 40 and over!

This is a portrait of Lenee in Little Rock, Arkansas With a top-rated portrait photography studio and a luxury experience, Lake Studio Portrait Studio provides everyday people with a celebrity look and feel. Schedule your appointment today.

In 2023, We’re photographing 40 women over 40 here In Little Rock, Arkansas.

It would be our pleasure to have you as one of them

Why Should I Do This?

  • To do something empowering for yourself.
  • To honor what makes you beautiful and unique.
  • To embrace every freckle, line, and scar no matter your age, shape, or size.
  • To Honor what makes you unique.


  • Learning to love your reflection in the mirror.
  • To acknowledge that self-love isn’t selfish.
  • To INSPIRE other women to do the same.
  • Celebrating Your Life and your Story.


Same Day Transformation in Little Rock, AR!

As well as transforming the way you see yourself, this experience empowers others by showing women in this demographic being comfortable in their own skin and celebrating that authenticity. At the end of the experience, I will feature your unique story and favorite portrait in a gorgeous magazine. 

Featured in KARK 4 | Little Rock, Arkansas


A woman often sacrifices an amazing amount of her life to her significant other, to her child, or to her career during her 20s, so that by the time she reaches 40, she hasn’t done anything for her own well-being for years.

However, by 40, she may also have given up the notion that happiness exists within a certain shape or size.

You deserve a day to celebrate yourself.

 Be proud of the woman you have become and celebrate your achievements. . Set an example to the younger generation of women to stop the beliefs that they shouldn’t be anything but proud and confident in whom they grow to be. 

The experience goes far beyond just “taking pretty pictures”! Our hope is that it will transform the way you see yourself!

You deserve a day to celebrate yourself.

Thino The Headshot Photographer at YobHeadshot in Little Rock Arkansas.



We aim to photograph a variety of women. A range of different ages, sizes, and skin tones. We want to highlight women from different walks of life. We want to showcase women of all shades and ethnicities—we want to show the world what beauty truly is.

Our 40Over 40 portrait experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, customized for you!

Taking the everyday woman to a celebrity-style magazine photoshoot is our passion.



We ARE offering a special

a promotion package for only $299!

Discover Tonica's inspiring journey with Lake Rock Studio's 40 Over 40 portrait project in Little Rock, highlighting her growth, self-love, and the importance of embracing life's experiences. Learn how this empowering project celebrates the beauty, strength, and resilience of women over 40


Dress-consultation-lake rock studio

Access Our Studio Wardrobe & Styling

We will schedule a fitting appointment with you a few days before your shoot. Our studio wardrobe will be available for you to try on and mix and match with anything from your home wardrobe.

makeover lake rock studio

Professional Hair and Makeup

We will introduce you to our expert hair & makeup artist on the morning of your photo shoot. Your hair and makeup will be styled according to your preferences. 

Fully Guided Photography Session

We want you to have a fun and relaxed session on the day of the session with wardrobe changes and a variety of looks. Through expert direction, lighting, styling, and posing, we transform women of all shapes and sizes into supermodels. 


One (01) 11 x 14 Complimentary Matted Print or $200 Print Credit

You will have the possibility of getting One Matted Print or using the $200 credit toward our collections. Moreover, you can choose from a range of portrait collections and products to purchase the photographs you love. the Collections start at $900.

Feature in the Over 40' Magazine

You’ll be included in a gorgeous magazine featuring other Fabulous 40 Over 40 Women.

This is a portrait of Lenee+Brandie in Little Rock, Arkansas With a top-rated portrait photography studio and a luxury experience, Lake Studio Portrait Studio provides everyday people with a celebrity look and feel. Schedule your appointment today.


Personal Interview FEATURED

A video Interview to inspire and share for the experience.

An exhibition and publication in Our Be-You-Tiful magazine

We will celebrate all women participating in this experience with a classy gallery exhibition! One of your Photographs will be displayed.


After your shoot, you will be able to see your final images 2-3 weeks later., You’ll be blown away by your awesomeness, and we’ll help you decide which images you want to take home with you.


 A fine art matted portrait and the matching digital image will be provided for you (valued at $200). There are additional products and photographs available for purchase.



THE Process

Lake Rock Studio In Little Rock Arkansas

Apply by filing the Form

Fill out the information below and we will reach out to you to schedule a consultation Call at your convenience. 

First Step at Lake Rock Photography Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas

Wardrobe Consultation

Through this consultation on style and concept, try on studio wardrobes and mix them with anything you bring from home.

Guided Photo Shoot

We will pose you down to your fingertips and help you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience of being photographed.

Reveal and Ordering Appointment

We invite you back to the studio to look at your most beautiful, fully retouched portraits. You’ll decide what you want to buy. You’ll only buy what you truly love.



You’re not alone. In fact, most women have concerns about their body. With the right posing, lighting, camera lenses, and post-production retouching, I can bring out your best self. The self you want to show the world.

What makes us different as portrait Studio?

Unlike most photo sessions offered by photographers, our photo sessions are not run-of-the-mill. Our photoshoots are an experience tailored to meet your needs and expectations. We create a calm yet fun environment that brings forth emotions and enables your portraits to tell a visual tale. We create photography mood boards with our clients during the pre-session consultation phase which helps to align their expectations and our artistic abilities.

How much time should I block for my photo session ?

This is a full-day experience that starts at 10:00am and ends usually around 3:30pm. This is a day dedicated to you so make sure you have no other appointments that day other than meeting your girlfriends for happy hour for a girls night out.

If you find difficult to block this much time in the coming months but would love to participate, please feel free to reach out and we can plan to accomodate you.

What prints products do you offer ?

We offer a variety of archival prints and framed wall art, beautiful albums. Our most loved product is the folio box that holds matted prints. You can see the exquisite products during your consultation (or portrait session).

Being in front of the camera makes me uncomfortable.

During our pre-session consultation, we try to build a rapport with you and encourage you to relax and forget that you are at a photo shoot. You also get an opportunity to get to know the photographer—a typical ice breaker session. Next, we share a few tips that will certainly help you to overcome camera shyness anxiety. We coach you to breathe properly and help you choose your best facial expressions, poses, and backgrounds that flatter you.

I don't have anything to wear!

We have an extensive wardrobe at our Studio for you to mix and match with what you may have.

We will follow to share with our guide that will give you plenty of ideas on what to pick for your photoshoot.

We’ll also be meeting in advance of the session to go over all the details and talk about wardrobe. In the meantime, think about the looks you want to be photographed. You’ll have the opportunity to be photographed in 3-5 outfits.

You might want to do a cocktail dress or elegant gown or business formal look, business casual, something sexy and trendy, lingerie or an off-the-shoulder look for boudoir.


Absolutely! If you have a partner, mother, sister, or children that you’d like to be photographed with, they can arrive with you or towards the end of your session for some portraits together. There’s no extra charge to include them in your session! Your session fee includes one makeover. Including more people? Hair and makeup services can be added on for an additional $125 per person.


Nope! I’ve had ladies travel in for their sessions from Georgia or Texas. And with my studio located in big city of Little Rock adjacent to some of great outdoors and hotels in Arkansas, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing vacation at your fingertips.


Reserved to All Women 40+ in Central Arkansas


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