Stunning portraiture of yourself or your family.

That captures the attention of anyone who sees them
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This is a portrait of Brooke Dancer in Little Rock, Arkansas With a top-rated portrait photography studio and a luxury experience, Lake Studio Portrait Studio provides everyday people with a celebrity look and feel. Schedule your appointment today.

Creating stunning images of everyday people is what we do..

Portraiture / Branding / Fine Art

We guarantee you’ll love the experience

We’re great at finding that perfect shot. Take a look at our work.

Serving Vancouver Metro Area and Beyond


Vancouver’s BC premier provider of Classy High-end Portraits

Does the process of getting your portrait taken overwhelm you?

  • You are camera-shy
  • Most studios provide run-of-the-mill portraits
  • You want  a comfortable atmosphere and conditions


  • You consider yourself not to be photogenic
  • You want portraits that are elegant
  • You want the MakeUp&Hairstylist with the Studio


We Make Communicating Your Authentic Self

Through Portrait Photography Simple

We acknowledge your expectations, coach you to overcome camera shyness, and create the most captivating portraits. Experience the Lake Rock Photography difference. 

Lady contemporary Portraiture Photo by Lake Rock Studio in Little Rock Arkansas

Natural Editing | More You | Memorable Experience

Transformation Portrait Experience 

As well as transforming the way you see yourself, our portrait experience empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate that authenticity.

Personal Branding
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Fine Art Boudoir
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Photography Awards TPM for Lake Rock Studio 2022. Lake Rock Studio has won awards from the Portrait Masters Awards. Now we are awards winning photography studio in Little Rock. Arkansas.

Photos Sessions Fee is $395


Printed portraits and digital image collections from your photo shoot are sold separately after your session or during your in-person reveal meeting. This allows you to select only the photos you absolutely love to take home.

Printed Portraits Collections Start at $1500

All Included in the Portrait Experience

Personal Branding getting MakeUp applied during photo shoot at Lake Rock Studio.

Professional Makeup

Commencing your portrait encounter is a pampering makeup styling session. Our studio portraits integrate expert makeup, priming you for the camera, accentuating your finest features, and bolstering your confidence. Relaxation is yours as you await the start of your session.

Design Consultation

Before every portrait session, we focus on tailoring the experience to your vision and requirements. We prioritize your needs to capture exceptional photographs. Utilizing Pinterest, we craft mood boards collaboratively, enhancing our creative exchange. Your input and inspiration are invaluable in shaping our concepts.

Access to Studio Wardrobe

Centered around you, our complimentary style closet is a source of excitement. We've meticulously curated a range of outfits, gowns, and accessories to elevate your portraits – be it for personal branding, family sessions, or more. Your wardrobe is welcome, with over 100 specially gathered pieces tailored just for you.

Personal Branding getting MakeUp applied during photo shoot at Lake Rock Studio.

Two (02) Digital Portraits OR $200 Print Credit

You will have the possibility of getting two (02) digital portraits or using the $200 credit toward our collections. Moreover, you can choose from a range of portrait collections and products to purchase the photographs you love. The collections start at $1500.

Ordering Session

Following your session, you have the freedom to select your preferred portraits. Whether immediately or at a later time, you can make your choices. We offer exquisite prints, albums, and digital files for you to enjoy in various ways. The decision of what to purchase is entirely yours, with digital photos priced at $75 each and print collections starting at $1500. To explore our complete range of products, you can visit this link.

Fully Guided Photo Session

We want you to have a fun and relaxed session on the day of the session with wardrobe changes and a variety of looks. Through expert direction, lighting, styling, and posing, we transform women of all shapes and sizes into supermodels. 


Hearing from the People themselves

We Believe you deserve Portraits that Capture Your Unique Personality 


How It Works

Lake Rock Studio In Little Rock Arkansas

Schedule a Consultation

We will also answer any questions you may have, book the session fee and schedule your shoot date.

First Step at Lake Rock Photography Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas

Planning Consultation

Through the consultation on style and concept, fine-tune the details of the session. Zoom or In Person.

Guided Photoshoot Day

Regardless of whether you know how to pose or not, We will guide and pose you down to your expression and fingertips !

Private Reveal

Return to for a Private Viewing and ordering of prints that are right for your home and style.

Book A Consultation


General Questions

It is common for people to have questions about their sessions. On this page, I answer the most common questions I receive. It is part of my job to anticipate any issues that may arise, but there are always things that need clarification. I can be reached at
(501) 303-6644 or if your question is not answered on this page.

How do you Retouch the images?

Our Retouching ensures that the images look flawless. It is intended to remove blemishes (wrinkles, bags under the eyes, pimples), tone down skin tones, and enhance the visual appeal of the image. 

Is the Pricing for all sessions !

Yes, We're committed to providing every client with exceptional service and a great experience, no matter the type of session. We believe that every portraiture session should be an unforgettable experience, which is why we offer the same affordable pricing to everyone. Whether you're seeking to capture your unique personal brand, commemorate a special birthday, or simply cherish a moment with your loved ones, we are here to make it happen. 

what type of services do you offer ?

Whether it's a personalized portrait session, a headshot, or a fine art magical image, we can make it happen.

I Only Need Digital Files

Of course! Each digital portrait is priced at $75. Your session already includes 2 digital portraits. If you're considering collections, they begin at $700, providing you with 10 digital portraits delivered through a sophisticated downloadable gallery.

And don't forget, digital files are included with every print purchase.


What products do you offer ?

 We offer gorgeous handmade Italian leather reveal folio boxes complete with sets of matted archival prints. In addition, we offer handmade Italian acrylic, metal, and canvas wall art enlargements in a variety of sizes.

You can see the exquisite products during your consultation (or portrait session).

Being in front of the camera makes me uncomfortable.

During our pre-session consultation, we try to build a rapport with you and encourage you to relax and forget that you are at a photo shoot. You also get an opportunity to get to know the photographer—a typical ice breaker session. Next, we share a few tips that will certainly help you to overcome camera shyness anxiety. We coach you to breathe properly and help you choose your best facial expressions, poses, and backgrounds that flatter you.

What makes us different as portrait Studio?

Unlike most photo sessions offered by photographers, our photo sessions are not run-of-the-mill. Our photoshoots are an experience tailored to meet your needs and expectations. We create a calm yet fun environment that brings forth emotions and enables your portraits to tell a visual tale. We create photography mood boards with our clients during the pre-session consultation phase which helps to align their expectations and our artistic abilities.

What about MakeUp or Hair ?

Working with a professional MakeUp & Hair Artist is strongly recommended. We have MakeUp Artist and Hairstylist we work with. You will be contacted in advance for preparations when you choose the MakeUp or Hair add-ons.

do you offer discount ?

We wish we could.

What Do I wear ?

After booking, you will be provided with a welcome packet that contains clothing tips. It will go through what photographs well and what doesn’t. For a full portrait session, you can bring 4-5 outfits that you love. To see what I recommend and where to order follow this link.

do you work with newborn and babies ?

The art of newborn photography requires a great deal of expertise. While we do not offer newborn photography, we can recommend other photographers in the area who have the necessary training.

What are your prices ?

During our consultation, we'll talk about pricing. For any photo session, there's a $395 sitting fee. If you're interested in single images, they begin at $75 for digital portraits and $175 for print and digital portraits. We also offer collection packages starting at $1500. The choice of which photos to go for is completely yours – some folks spend around $2000, while others opt for up to $8000. It's all in your hands!

Where is your sessions take place ?

The majority of our sessions are held in our Vancouver,BC portrait studio, which has studio lights and backdrops. During your consultation, we'll discuss the possibility of being photographed on location as well as any additional fees.

The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”… What would You like yours to say?